Really choosing yourself?

Is this the right moment for you, upon which you decide to choose yourself? For your life and to live your life to the fullest? And for that loving relationship where there’s no room for violence or abuse? The moment to make sustained positive changes to the quality of your life and your relationship(s)?

Are you dealing with violence in your relationship and do you want it to stop – once and for all? Or have you experienced an abusive relationship and do you feel that you still need to recover and heal from all that happened? Or do you want to learn how you can prevent such situations from occurring again in the future?

Do you have the feeling that you have lost yourself and you want to rediscover who you are? To experience self-love, self-esteem, freedom, and autonomy again. Do you want to escape from the paralyzing feelings of fear, tension, guilt, and shame, that you have come to experience? And do you have a deep desire to feel free, happy, and confident? To live an easier and finer life? Are you prepared to explore what causes, or has caused, you to experience violence in your relationship? And are you ready to heal and to grow?

I can help you with that

I am here to guide you in a safe, informal and (if you wish) anonymous way, where I meet your wishes and needs, so that you can enjoy your life and your relationship(s) again!

Are you looking for the right help because you want to end violence in your relationship, and do you want to know what I can do for you? Please contact me directly (anonymously if necessary)


Violence in your relationship

The consequences of experiencing violence in your relationship are often huge. Feelings of shame, but also guilt, are often reasons why you don’t talk about what you are going through.
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E-coaching en aanpak

E-coaching and approach

We often think that we should search for the solutions to our problems in the world around us. But the long-term solutions lie not outside oneself but within oneself.
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For whom

Do you feel that is time for a real change and do you want to say goodbye to beliefs and routines that do not bring you the happiness and love you long for? Everybody (so also you) has a right to a healthy and loving relationships.
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