Let your light shine brightly again

My name is Marga and it is my mission to make your light shine brightly again, like a beautiful and powerful star in the sky; visible and perfect as you are. To again make you feel how beautiful and valuable you are and that you can be completely who you are.

I have worked for over 15 years for a variety of organizations committed to ending domestic violence. Through my conversations with thousands of people who had to deal with violence in their relationship, I have gained a lot of insight into what experiencing this form of violence can do to you. Both within yourself and the world around you.

Really making a difference

I am grateful that shelters exist for people affected by domestic violence who are no longer safe at home. And that there are telephone help and advice lines for those dealing with this and who want to talk directly to someone about their situation.

But more is needed. Experiencing violence in your relationship is not a coincidence. It stems from deep, often unconscious, destructive beliefs about yourself, about others, and life that you carry around with you. Many of these beliefs have their origins in childhood. They limit you to life from reaching your fullest potential and sometimes cause undesirable situations in your life, such as domestic violence. To really make a difference in your life, to ensure that experiencing violence in your relationships no longer has a chance – not now, not ever – it is important to see and understand this. And then to make a conscious choice, to transform these destructive beliefs into helping beliefs.

Because everyone has the right to feel free, happy and safe

This is a process of awareness, a journey. A confrontational but healing and loving journey. A journey that you take for yourself, within yourself and towards yourself, because as soon as you feel safe within yourself again, the world and your relationships will be safe for you too.

I would love to take you on this journey, because you – like everyone else – have the (birth) right to feel free, happy and safe. And because I want you to dare to let your light shine confidently again; visible and perfect just as you are, because you are worthy of it.

Are you looking for the right help because you want to end the violence in your relationship and do you want to be coached by me? Register here immediately or contact me (anonymously if necessary) 

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