Are you dealing with violence in your relationship?

If you are dealing with violence in your relationship, this can often turn your life upside down. Or you have a partner now, that is extremely jealous, is controlling, humiliates or hits you, or that you notice in yourself that tension builds up regularly, that you lose control and are sometimes aggressive towards your partner.

The consequences of experiencing violence in your relationship are often great. You can feel as if you are losing yourself and control over your life and this can lead to feelings of stress, fear, insecurity, guilt, and shame. Also, physical symptoms such as headaches and tension in muscles and joints are often the result of experiencing domestic violence.

This often has consequences on your ability to deal with daily life; at home you are alert and always on edge, at work you sometimes find it hard to concentrate, and in your contact with friends and family you are less at ease, or perhaps you consciously see them less often than before.

Feelings of shame and guilt

In addition, discussing this violence is often very difficult. After all other people are quick to judge, or come with (good intentioned) advice, which you do not want to hear. Feelings of shame, but also guilt, are the reasons, why you cannot easily talk about what you have experienced. While you actually have the need to tell someone what is going on.


Somehow you have the hope, that the violence will stop on its own, because both you and your partner don’t want this, and there are also times when things are going well and you have fun together. Yet, often after a period when things seemed to be getting better, the violence continues again and again. Although you hope otherwise, you may also know deep down that more is needed to ensure that the violence really stops.

Do you recognise yourself in this story? Then it is good that you are now here and reading this. This means that you acknowledge that there is violence in your relationship. And more importantly; that you want to do something about it, to make it stop.

And I can help you in achieving this

Are you looking for the right help because you want to end violence in your relationship, and do you want to know what I can do for you? Please contact me directly (anonymously if necessary)

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