What beliefs are holding you back?

We often think that we should search for the solutions to our problems in the world around us. Because we experience that there are practical reasons and things outside our control, why a desired situation, such as that loving, pleasant, and safe relationship that you so long for, is not (yet) a reality. But although practical solutions are sometimes also needed – think of calling in the police or crisis assistance in cases of acutely dangerous situations of domestic violence – the long-term solution does not lie outside ourselves, but within oneself.



It is your inner defences, your destructive beliefs, that hold you back from attaining the solution to your desired reality. Your beliefs create your reality. The physical reality is nothing more that a mirror of your consciousness; of your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings. As long as your limiting beliefs get in the way of what you want or where you want to be, nothing can change.

If you want to choose a life without domestic violence and break once and for all with the destructive patterns of violence in your relationship(s), it is therefore important to explore and transform or heal your limiting beliefs that create your reality. And at the same time to work on a relationship with yourself. A healthy, loving and safe relationship with another person can only develop if you have a healthy, loving and safe relationship with yourself.

The key

My coaching is therefore focused on your inner world, because this is where the magic lies; the key to the solution, to a truly finer and happier life without domestic violence. Through my coaching I offer you the opportunity to turn inward in a safe and loving way and to discover which beliefs you carry with you, and how they have led to the situation you now find yourself in and (often unconsciously) prevent you from developing that loving relationship, where there is no room for violence. I will take you on a journey in which you are central and which will lead to insight, awareness, healing, love and (self-) liberation. This journey will have an enormous positive impact on your happiness in life and on (all) your relationship(s), both now and in the future. Because as soon as you change within yourself, you will see that the world around you also changes.


Online coaching

My coaching takes place exclusively online, by e-mail. I consciously chose this simple approach as I know how difficult it can be to talk about domestic violence. Sometimes feelings of shame or guilt can prevent you from discussing it face-to-face with someone. There can also be other factors why you do not want or cannot do this, even though you have the need. I offer you a place that is as safe and easily accessible as possible, where you and your wishes, your growth, and recovery process are central and where you can be who you really are. You are in charge of the process and I am there standing next to you to guide you along the way. If desired, you can even use my coaching anonymously.

In addition, my coaching offers you the opportunity to go through the process at your own pace. Traveling or meeting at fixed times is not necessary and contact is always possible via a computer, tablet or smartphone, at times that suit you. You will receive a response from me within 48 hours on work days.

Another reason why I consciously coach by e-mail is because writing can be very helpful in clarifying your situation. You write down what you experience, what you feel and what you would like to happen, and you will receive a personal response from me. In addition, it can give you peace of mind to write things down and literally close them for yourself. During the process, an extensive personally written document of your process is created, which can function as a kind of diary that can always be referenced later. This can be a great help you later on.

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