If you want to be coached personally by me, you can choose from two programs


Do you want …

… consciously choose to end the violence you experience in your relationship once and for all?

… Take back control of your own life and learn how to stop this violence?

… Get rid of feelings of stress, fear, shame, and guilt?

… Feeling light, safe, free, confident, and happy again?

… Make an investment in your own development, from which you will reap the rewards for the rest of your life?



(This path consists of 5 sessions)

Do you also want ……

… to completely believe again in your own strength?

… gain insight into how the violence in your relationship came about?

… learn how to stop this and how to ensure that you never have to deal with this again?

… regain confidence in yourself, in life and in your relationship(s)?

… find and “reclaim” yourself, in other words, allow yourself to trust that you really can and should be yourself and that this is safe.

… more balance in your life and putting your own happiness first without feeling guilty about it?

… learn how to attract unconditional love?



(The path consists of 8 sessions)

During the coaching process, your wish (that you most want to achieve) is central. In addition, it is a simple process: our contact takes place 100% by email, so that traveling and meeting at fixed times is not necessary. With your smartphone or computer, you can contact me at times that suit you best and when it is safe for you to do so. If desired, it is even possible to remain (largely) anonymous to me. And last but not least: the process takes place within a secure email environment. This means that the emails I send to you during the process can only be opened and read by you.

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