Choose for yourself and for love, instead of fear

Do you feel that it is time for real change? That it is time to break old patterns that keep leading to similar unsatisfying or destructive situations and relationships? Do you want to consciously choose for yourself and for love, instead of fear? Feeling valuable, complete, safe, and whole again in every cell of your body? And see this reflected in the relationships in your life?

A loving relationship doesn’t have to be a fierce battle. Not a constant source of tension, fear and insecurity. Everyone is entitled to healthy and loving relationships. Relationships, in which you feel safe, can be yourself completely and experience unconditional love. However, you can learn a lot from your relationships, especially if there is violence in the relationship.


Intense life lessons can cause you to become aware of what you deeply believe about yourself, about the other, about relationships, and about life. Your relationship can also make you aware of what needs to be healed in you, so that you can develop further. When you can choose more for yourself: for love. You will then be able to see that your relationship is a mirror of your consciousness.

The pattern of domestic violence

If you have dealt (or have had) violence in your relationship, you will likely experience that despite your wish for this violence to stop (and despite everything you have tried to make it stop), it still returns. Or maybe you have experienced that violence time and again has played a role in the relationships you have had.

Breaking a pattern of domestic violence is not easy. Precisely because it is a pattern; it has been occurring for a long time, it keeps happening and you are almost certain that one day it will go wrong again. Despite some moments of relaxation, you are mostly on your guard. This is paralyzing. You are getting further and further removed from the beautiful person that you really are.

The journey to self-liberation

Do you recognize that you feel like you have “lost” yourself? Are you feeling unbalanced by the situation? Do you wonder how you allowed yourself to cross lines that you never thought you would? Do you have a deep desire to feel truly happy again? To be able to be yourself completely? To really feel free and safe again? Dare to shine again? To let yourself be seen. And to feel that you can who you are and that it is safe to do so? A life without domestic violence?

The good news is that it is possible to break old patterns and I am happy to help you with this. Do you want to say goodbye once and for all to the beliefs that lead to the patterns that do not bring you the happiness and love you so long for? 


Then I invite you to join me on the journey to self-liberation; to change. situation can teach you. And I will teach you how you can influence the creation of a much better life, a brighter future, and better relationships. This journey is a process of understanding and awareness. It is a journey through yourself and towards yourself. Because there – in you – is the key to change.

Are you looking for the right help because you want to end the violence in your relationship and do you want to be coached by me? Register here immediately or contact me (anonymously if necessary) 

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